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Understanding Coffee Pods

Whether you’ve just got a new machine or are looking to explore new ways of brewing your coffee, knowing your coffee pods inside out can help. Become a barista at home with a coffee machine – not only will your home smell amazing, but the sound and taste will also transport you to your favourite coffee shop in seconds.

What are coffee pods?

Coffee pods are convenient ways of getting the same great-tasting coffee as your favourite brands without grounding your beans. Easy to use, coffee pods fit into machines which poke holes through the pod to get the optimal hot water flow through the ground coffee.

Coffee pods provide single servings of your favourite coffee types, flavours, or espresso shots. These coffee grounds are pre-measured for single use to get the best flavour and strength possible.

What’s the difference between coffee pods and instant coffee?

Coffee pods are small, single-serving packages of pre-ground coffee designed to be used with compatible machines, depending on their shape. On the other hand, instant coffee is made from coffee granules that have been freeze-dried for convenience. It is typically sold in sachets or jars.

Both are great options, depending on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for the barista style at home, making any range of coffee types for yourself, then coffee pods are the way forward. Whereas, if you prefer an iced coffee in batches or make coffee for multiple people at once, instant coffee could be a more convenient route.

What coffee pods are compatible with a Nespresso machine?

Not all coffee pods are compatible with Nespresso machines. When buying coffee pods, you will need to look at the structure, design, and size to determine whether it will work in your coffee machine.

The most common coffee pod follows the classic Nespresso pod design, which has been on the market the longest. Other designs include the Vertuo pods, which are compatible with different machines.

Our coffee pods follow the classic pod design – making them compatible with most coffee machines, including Nespresso. This offers you the convenience of our great flavours with your Nespresso machine. Simply pop the pod out of the packet and into your machine to unlock great flavours.

How to recycle coffee pods

Not all coffee pods can be recycled or put into your home compost bin. It is important that you carefully read the manufacturer’s advice on disposing of your coffee pods. Some coffee manufacturers offer a pod return scheme where you put your used coffee pods into a bag, ready for collection.

We wanted the ultimate convenience for our environment-loving customers. This is why our coffee pods are fully compostable at home. Simply use your pods and then pop them into your home compost bin. They should decompose within 26 weeks at ambient temperatures – making our coffee good for you and the environment.

See our range of coffee pods here.

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