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The creative side of coffee from Coffeeway

We started in 1994 with the opening of our first Coffeeway specialty coffee shop in Athens (Greece), which introduced consumers to the wonderful world of coffee. We offered geographical origin coffee varieties, unique blends with special character and aroma, and we turned coffee from a simple daily habit, into a real pleasure!

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Since then, we continue to choose for you the finest coffees, to create exceptional and unique blends and to offer you the largest collection of flavoured coffees.

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“From bean to cup”

The Coffeeway philosophy “from bean to cup” is our commitment to offer you a “journey” to the world of good coffee! This “journey” begins with the careful selection of the best coffee varieties from around the world.

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The complete coffee experience

It continues with the art of roasting and the proper grinding of the beans, and finishes with the wonderful coffee full of aroma and flavour poured into your cup. This way you enjoy not only an excellent quality coffee, but a complete experience “from bean to cup”!

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Excellent quality Coffeeway blends

Each packaging encloses our many years of experience and specialization, and offers you coffee of exceptional aroma and taste, with the quality guarantee of Coffeeway.

For any question about Coffeeway please contact us via email or visit our website for more information.

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