Cereal Infused Beanies

Cheerios pair perfectly with our Sticky Toffee Pudding Coffee
5 minutes
  • 1/2 cup of Cheerios (or your favourite cereal: Try Nesquik, fruit cereal, Oreo cereal)
  • 200ml of Milk 
  • Beanies Sticky Toffee (or your favourite Beanies, Nesquik with double chocolate is another great option)
  • Hot water
  • Extra toppings: Cereal, sprinkles and whipped cream

  1. Add cereal & milk to a medium bowl.
  2. Leave it rest for at least 10 minutes.
  3. Strain the cereal from the bowl and keep your cereal flavoured milk.
  4. Prepare a concentrated shot of Beanies coffee by adding 1/4 cup of water & 1 tsp of Beanies to a mug.
  5. Pour the flavoured milk over your coffee.
  6. Add your toppings: Whipped cream, cereal and sprinkles.

Serving Suggestion
Who's going to give cereal infused coffee a go today?