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Choosing Your Cup: Which Coffee is Best for Me Guide

Whether it is early morning brewing or having a cup of coffee and a catch-up with friends, you want your cup to taste exactly how you like it. With so many options of coffee styles out there, knowing which one will suit your tastes or to try next can be intimidating.

From the base espresso to steamed milk, knowing the ratios of your favourite styles can help you find new drinks, or even perfect the recipe at home.

By exploring what common coffees should taste and look like, you’ll have a better understanding of what might suit your tastes the next time you decide to try a new coffee!

How to choose your coffee

Choosing your coffee involves many influences. You might have a friend who swears by pumpkin spice or you might want to up your energy with higher caffeine during your day. Coffee should fit into your lifestyle and so finding a coffee type which suits you can involve some research.

Strength is another factor to consider. You might want a caffeine boost but prefer a sweeter and milkier coffee to an espresso – this is where finding the right coffee type and balance is the key to a good morning!

You will also want to consider the style of coffee and how this will fit into your routine and tastes. Instant coffee might be a good solution for your workday intake or a pod for that sleepy morning wake-me-up. For heavier and bolder coffees, a dark roast will probably be your preference, whereas for lighter coffees without as much acidity, a light roast is the right option for you.

See our instant coffee and coffee pod options.

Finding the right coffee type for you

Choosing the right coffee depends on your preferences and you might even be someone who changes up their style regularly. Understanding the strength of popular coffee types means that you can find one that perfectly complements your day, whether you’re wanting a sweet sip during your social hour or a small cup as a boost.

What is a flat white coffee?

A flat white coffee consists of one or two espresso shots topped with a velvety milk micro-foam. This milk is created by pulsing small air bubbles through the milk to make a steamed, soft, and smooth texture.


This is a drink for any coffee lover who enjoys the rich taste of an espresso. There is no hiding from the coffee here!

What is a latte coffee?

A latte coffee consists of one shot of espresso with steamed milk, topped off with a layer of milk foam. This milk foam is created by aerating the warmed milk to make a thick froth. A latte can be made with any dairy or plant-based milk products.


In some shops, a latte coffee might also be referred to as a caffé latte. It is also common to add syrups to your latte, meaning that you can have popular tastes including vanilla or caramel.


What is the difference between a flat white and a latte coffee?

A latte is typically a 4:1 ratio of milk to coffee, whereas a flat white is usually considered a “strong” coffee due to its 3:1 or 2:1 balance, depending on how many espresso shots you ask for. A latte is typically the same strength for all orders whereas with a flat white, it is common to be asked whether you want one or two espresso shots.

What is a mocha coffee?

A mocha is one shot of espresso with steamed milk and cocoa powder. It is similar to a latte in that it is commonly 3:1 steamed milk to espresso, but the espresso is commonly mixed with chocolate flavouring to add a hot-chocolate feel to the caffeinated drink.

This is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth who enjoys taking the edge off the espresso with chocolate and milk.


What is Americano coffee?

An Americano coffee is simply espresso and water. This is the traditional coffee you see in American diners. The coffee cup should usually consist of a 1:3 balance of espresso to hot water – making it a milder cousin of the solo espresso shot.

Depending on your preferences, you don’t have to drink this one black. While an Americano coffee is simply water and espresso – with no milk – many people add milk and sugar after their order to tailor it to their tastes.

What is a macchiato coffee?

A macchiato coffee is an espresso shot with a small layer of steamed milk on top. It can sometimes have a small amount of cream on top too. Unlike a flat white, the macchiato has less milk or cream, consisting of a thin layer. Whereas a flat white has a thick, velvety layer.


This is perfect for someone who loves the strong taste of coffee but wants to lighten the edge with a bit of milk or cream.

What is a cappuccino coffee?

A cappuccino coffee is equal parts espresso shot, steamed milk, and milk foam. This makes the ultimate smooth espresso-based drink for any coffee lover, or new coffee trier, to enjoy. This is a balance of 1:1:1 across the coffee, steamed milk, and milk foam.


This is perfect for anyone starting out trying coffee and who doesn’t know what their preferences would be. As all parts have an even split, you will know whether you want to try a stronger or sweeter coffee the next time around.


To see other ways you can use coffee in your life, see our recipes page for coffee-related food and drink hacks.


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