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Brewing the Perfect Cup: How to Make a Coffee Guide

Brewing the Perfect Cup: How to Make a Coffee Guide
Brewing the perfect cup has never been easier. There are plenty of methods to get your perfect coffee, whether you’re an iced coffee fanatic or a sipper of simpler things. Having the perfect coffee can wake you up after a terrible sleep, make a long workday shorter, or just give you the extra boost you need today.

But knowing how to make your favourite coffees is essential – you don’t want to be drinking straight coffee grounds. And here at Beanies Flavour Co, we want you to get the best drink experience possible.

1. How to make a popular coffee

Your favourite coffees are only a few steps away. Whether you’re showing off your barista skills to your friends and family or just want to try a new recipe, these guides will help you know how to make your favourite coffees from the comfort of your own home.

It isn’t simply boiling a kettle and adding milk and sugar anymore. In fact, there are plenty of ways to make coffee which stem from this traditional creation and which can keep you caffeinated all day long.

2. How to make an iced coffee

Iced coffees are a delicious way to enjoy your favourite caffeinated drink cool!

To make an iced coffee, you will want to brew 200ml of coffee with hot water. A popular way to do this is with instant coffee. You will want to make sure you’re using hot water rather than cold, as it gives a different flavour to the coffee.

After the coffee has dissolved, you should leave it to cool. You can do this by leaving it on your counter or even putting it in the fridge. After your coffee is brewed, it can stay in the fridge for up to three to four days if kept in a sealed container.

A great thing about iced coffee is that you can prepare the coffee portion well in advance, in bulk, and all you need to do is mix it all together when you want an iced coffee – delicious!

Add your coffee, milk, and ice to a blender to make your iced coffee. You can also add syrups at this point if you want a flavoured iced coffee. Blend the ingredients together and pour into a glass mug so that you can see your creation! Don’t forget extra ice if you want it even cooler.

The proportion of coffee to milk and ice will change the strength of the coffee. For a stronger coffee flavour, you can use less milk.

3. How to make Irish coffee

The hot coffee with a tipsy trick: making an Irish coffee is simple and simply delightful.

Making an Irish coffee starts off in the same way as any standard coffee. Brew yourself 150-200ml of black coffee in a mug. But instead of adding milk, add 50ml of whiskey. Swap your spoonful of granulated sugar for brown sugar and stir! Once the sugar has disintegrated, add two spoons of cream (lightly whipped for a thicker texture) to the top of your drink and dust with nutmeg for the full effect.

4. How to make a flat white coffee

An espresso shot with the edge taken off, making a flat white can be easy.

Brew yourself a shot of espresso; this can be done with an espresso pod, ground coffee, or the coffee of your choosing. Leave this in your cup. Separately, steam some milk in a jug using a steamer attachment. You can also use a milk frother and choose the foam setting – although you won’t have as much control over the amount of air in your milk! You will want around 1 to 2cm of foam.

Once the milk is a velvet consistency, you can start. Pour your milk into your cup from 4cm away. Aim for the middle of the cup and pour steadily. Slowly lower your milk jug towards the centre as you pour.

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5. How to make a mocha coffee

Fancying something a bit chocolatey? Making a mocha coffee is easy and delicious in a couple of steps.

Brew yourself a shot of espresso. This is usually 35ml of coffee. You can do this in whatever method you prefer. Once brewed, add drinking chocolate (whether you choose cocoa powder or liquid chocolate) to your coffee. Mix thoroughly to combine.

While you let your chocolate and coffee get to know each other, steam approximately 250ml of milk; this should be done until 4 to 6cm of foam is at the top. As with a flat white, pour the milk from a height approximately 4cm away. Aim for the centre while pouring. Lower the milk jug as you get closer to the end, and you’ll notice thick, foamed milk lying on top of your mocha.

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