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Coffee, Weight Loss, and Health – How Protein Coffee Can Help Your Health Goals

Coffee, Weight Loss, and Health – How Protein Coffee Can Help Your Health Goals

As we head towards the New Year, the usual health- and weight-related resolutions start to crop up again. For many of us, this might be simply eating a bit better, whereas some other people might choose to change their lifestyle to fit a healthier regime. But did you know that your coffee could be a great starting point to improve your health and fitness?

Is coffee good for weight loss?

Yes, coffee can be good for weight loss in the short term. Coffee can have multiple uses when it comes to your weight loss and health journeys. In the short term, coffee can be especially effective as the caffeine can increase your metabolism – making fat-burning a bit easier.

It can also be used to suppress appetite. If you’re a frequent snacker, coffee can be a good alternative when replacing your chocolate bars and crisps with a drink. You can even use decaf coffee if you’re looking to keep your caffeine levels down during the day.

How does coffee help you lose weight?

There are multiple ways that coffee can help you lose weight, all aimed towards targeting fat within your body. Whether you’re wanting to lose some weight around your stomach or simply tone up a little, coffee can actually help you shift some of the fat.

One way coffee does this is through chlorogenic acid, which stimulates your metabolism and helps you break down fat faster. Pairing your daily cup of coffee with a good workout can help you start to shed the pounds. Not to mention that caffeine is a great stimulant, which can give you that added boost you need for your high-performance exercises.

The caffeine in coffee also increases the enzyme lipase, which aids your stomach during digestion – reducing putting on weight. And as coffee is a diuretic, it helps you shed water weight. This is because your body cannot store caffeine, so once it has made its way through your system, you will need to release it through your urine.

How much coffee should you drink a day to lose weight?

To help you lose weight, you should have two or three cups of coffee a day; however, this can be down to personal preference. It is recommended that you don’t have more than 400 milligrams of caffeine a day, so making sure you’re keeping within this limit is always important – you can swap to decaf if you still love the great coffee flavour.

It is important that, alongside your coffee intake, you are eating a balanced diet and exercising where possible to help improve your health. One way to balance your diet is by increasing your protein intake – which coffee can also help with.

How much protein is in coffee?

On its own, coffee is not a good source of protein. Most coffee has approximately 0.1 grams of protein per 100ml. Here at Beanies, our coffees contain <0.5 grams of protein per 100ml.

However, you can create protein coffee to help boost your intake. A protein-rich diet is important for helping you lose weight as it introduces amino acids into your body – which are vital for your health as they can help control hormone levels and repair your body. They also introduce more energy into your body, making protein a vital part of any athlete or exerciser’s diet.

How to make protein coffee

Protein coffee can be a great way to add a bit more balance to your diet. Not only can it add a bit of variety to your drinks, but it can also be a great way to cut down on sugar – especially if you use flavoured protein powders or shakes.

You can make a protein coffee in a couple of ways:

1. Protein powder for iced coffee

If you’ve got protein powder to hand, you can add this, coffee, ice, and the milk of your choice into a shaker. Shake thoroughly until all are combined and it is ready to drink. You can use flavoured protein powder and different coffee flavours to make different tasting combinations to keep you going throughout the week.

2. Protein powder for hot coffee

If you’re looking for a little addition of whey protein in each coffee you drink but don’t fancy an iced coffee, try your usual hot coffee with a dash of protein powder. Combine your protein powder scoop with your chosen milk in a shaker and shake until combined – if it is too thick, add more milk to get the consistency you want.

Then, pour this into your coffee as per usual milk for an added protein kick.

3. Protein shakes

Protein shakes can be a great way of making protein coffee without the hassle of mixing protein powder into your drink. Simply choose a protein shake of your liking and add this to your coffee as you would your milk.

See our coffee flavours to find a taste that suits you.